As a former teacher, MIC DUB was twice-recognized as his district’s teacher of the year and also the 2017 Tachau National Teacher of the Year by the Organization of American Historians. He was recognized in 2019 as a national distinguished teacher by the National Council for Geographic Education. He has published works in the texts “Family History In The Classroom” and “When We Were British: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Visualizing Early America.” Williams was recently featured as a contributing author in Time Magazine’s “25 Moments That Changed History” series for his article on the Compromise of 1877. He has been awarded fellowships such as the West Indies Teacher Institute Fellowship and Rural Teachers Global Trust Fellowship where he researched in London, Scotland, Ghana and Barbados connecting teachers and classrooms through his research on the transatlantic slave trade and its contemporary effects. He has also presented two TEDx talks, “Who You? Ancestral Research As A Means of Shaping Identity” and “From Dodge to Diaspora.”

MIC DUB walking with friends in Cape Coast, Ghana.

Ability makes you good. Passion makes you great.

Press Coverage

Coverage of TEDx by the Lake Gaston Gazette-Observer 10/20/17
Appalachian State U Department of Geography and Planning Speaker Series.

2017 Mary K. Bonsteel Tauchau Teacher of the Year
National Council for Geographic Education
2019 K-12 Distinguished Teaching Award

Coverage of “Coast Stories” research.
Coverage of second award for district teacher of the year.
“An Outrage” Documentary
Film Panel
Time Magazine “25 Moments That Changed America” (June 2017)

Time Magazine “25 Moments That Changed America” (June 2017)