Temet Nosce

Temet Nosce [“To Thine Own Self Be True”]. This latin phrase guides the continuing work of MIC DUB. Whether on the turntables or speaking before audiences around the world, he brings his lived experiences to every project. His legal, historical and pedagogical training along with his rural roots allow him to bring diverse perspectives to contemporary social and political topics. He readily tells his audiences about his humble beginnings living in rural poverty sometimes in homes without running water and heating systems. In his TEDx talks, he details how this both shaped his view of history while propelling him into deeper examinations of family, local and cultural history. Both as an educator and humanities project manager, he has presented his work and research throughout the United States, as well as Scotland, London, Barbados, Puerto Rico, and Ghana.

“Who You?” Ancestral Research As A Means of Shaping Identity” [12.7.15]
From Dodge To Diaspora [11.30.17]
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